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Current autonomous travel technologies rely greatly on a combination of digital cameras and graphics processing units designed to render graphics for video games. A problem is that these systems typically transmit a great deal of unnecessary visual information between sensors and processors.


Congratulations to Hitec RCD on its 50th anniversary!


At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Aeolus Robotics introduced aeo, a dual-arm humanoid robot that can perform several service tasks, including delivery, security, eldercare, kiosk operation and ultraviolet germicidal disinfection.


As reported by, the Royal Navy is planning to buy a submarine the size of a double-decker bus to protect Britain’s underwater cables.


Xenobots, hybrid frog-derived dermal cells “liberated” to a petri dish and given mouths using CRISPR gene editing technology, feed, do new things on their own, and even reproduce.


TeamViewer, a provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, has announced that the global semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries (GF) has deployed TeamViewer's Augmented Reality (AR) platform Frontline for its warehouse operations in Dresden, Germany.


Bridgestone will demonstrate its comprehensive vision for sustainable mobility at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from January 5-8.


As recently reported by, “NASA has contracted Virginia's Advanced Air Company to design and build a prototype of a new type of transition-capable eVTOL drone – a tilt-wing concept that uses aerodynamic forces instead of actuators to tilt the wings and propulsion systems.


Turkish firm Baykar has begun ground tests of its Bayraktar Kizilelma drone, described as the country’s first unmanned fighter aircraft.


Australian UAV producer Carbonix and H3 Dynamics are jointly developing the first Australian hydrogen-electric VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) unmanned aircraft system (UAS).


NASA proudly notes that the Artemis trial lunar circumnavigation surpassed expectations. The mission came to an end, after 25 days in space, like clockwork. Solar arrays generated more power than expected throughout the mission.


Watch the Artemis moon capsule reentry and splashdown in the next hour at these links.



Soft robots, or those made with materials like rubber, gels and cloth, have advantages over their harder, heavier counterparts, especially when it comes to tasks that require direct human interaction.


Bishop Wisecarver (BW) delivers linear motion systems for use in harsh and extreme conditions.  LoPro linear actuators are actuated linear motion systems based upon DualVee guide wheel technology designed for smooth and quiet motion over long lengths.


Golf is a notoriously difficult sport—professionals and amateurs alike spend countless hours attempting to improve their game. One of the most difficult parts of the game is putting the ball into the hole.


Elbit Systems has unveiled a small unmanned quadcopter designed to locate, identify, and attack enemy personnel. Based on a racing quadcopter, the Lanius is highly maneuverable and capable of flying inside buildings.


China teased its air launch munition capabilities at the recent Zhuhai Airshow, and this included a never-before-seen standoff weapon, the AKF98A. The interesting polygon-shaped nose is designed to reduce radar cross signature.


Airobotics Ltd. in Petah Tikvah, Israel announced that the company has been tapped by a government entity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to provide additional drone systems and services.


Officials of the Naval Air Systems Command at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Md., had announced a $47.5 million order to the Boeing Co. Defense, Space & Security segment in St. Louis in late September for MQ-25 Stingray low-rate initial production lot 1 for the U.S. Navy. U.S.


How the U.S. army could use robots to make first contact with opposing forces, block landing zones and intersections, and create havoc behind enemy lines has been operationally tested and proven, Breaking Defense recently reported.


Sikorsky, a division of Lockheed Martin, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have successfully demonstrated to the U.S.


National STEM/STEAM Day is today and it is the perfect time to discover the most popular engineering majors in the U.S.  As part of its yearly study of college majors, analysts at the scholarship website Scholaroo reviewed 13 of the most popular engineering maj


The artificial muscle under development at Clone Robotics is to the best of our knowledge intended for use in a humanoid robot that will be an assistant to human beings.


The sTetro is a new stair-climbing robot vacuum that autonomously navigates over flat surfaces in your home and is able to climb and clean your stairway. It significantly extends the cleaning capabilities of home cleaning robots.