News Style Guide

We invite new writers to contribute and are accepting pro-bono contributions.  If you would like to contribute a robotics-related news report, a general article or product review for publication on the NREF website,, we would be pleased to consider your contribution.  Please coordinate with executive director Tom Atwood.


  1. Contact executive director Tom Atwood at
  2. With permission granted, please email news text files and multimedia images and /or video to Atwood at FTP is available for larger files.
  3. Photographs should be attributed to their sources either in captions or separately in article text.
  4. Text files should be credited in accordance with the recently simplified rules published in the Modern Language Style Guide, 8th edition.  A good introduction to this is provided by the Purdue Online Writing Lab,   Once approved for publication, the NREF editors will post your content on
  5. Another very helpful site is, which is designed to help bloggers "create and grow powerful, meaningful blogs about whatever topic is most important to them... Our goal is to help you share your voice with as many people as possible." You will find practical tips and advice on this site.

News and other content previously posted at can be found by navigating the links on the homepage to locate past news,  articles and pointers to robotics curricula.