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NREF supports students, educators and professionals by indexing robotics-based STEM curricula and related educational resources, and by reporting selected national and world news stories of interest to the educational community.  NREF also reviews robotics kits and products on a selective, "editor's picks" basis.

As noted by NREF Advisory Board member Professor Kenneth Berry, President of the BEST robotics competition program, and assistant director of UT Dallas' SEEC (Science and Engineering Education Center):  "Robotics is a perfect STEM activity. Building and working with robots can touch on all the topics together. Physics addresses the forces involved with the structures of the robot and how it moves. Chemistry addresses the batteries and the energy that is derived from them. Mathematics is used to address gear ratios and measurements of the sensors. Engineering is addressed in the design process, and technology in the programming." (January-February 2015 Robot magazine, pg. 6). 



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