Thermal Cameras from Military Applications to Locating Corona Patients

Aville, an educational branch of the Association for Uncrewed Systems International (AUVS) combines educational tools and courses, networking opportunities, corporate product data, industry research, career development and job opportunities as a resource for the AUVSI uncrewed systems and robotics community. On Tuesday, November 7th, AVILLE hosted a webinar presented by Michael Armon, President, AUVSI Israel Chapter, on how thermal imaging cameras work, the history of infrared (IR) cameras and the development of associated IR technologies. The webinar summarized the theoretical background and remote sensing applications in the optical frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. Armon presented the effects of dynamic atmospheric conditions on sensor design and theory of operation in the context of performing specific missions for military, civil and commercial applications. The discussion addressed how to make informed choices of thermal sensors based on operational and customer needs, as well as product and project management. These slides are a subset of those in the Aville presentation, the entirety of which can be viewed here.