Kongsberg's “Hugin Endurance” Operates for 15 Days Underwater

A new Kongsberg autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), Hugin Endurance, is capable of shore-to-shore operations over long ranges up to 2200 km. The drone can perform uninterrupted shore-to-shore covert data collection operating independently for up to 15 days. Hugin Endurance can carry a synthetic aperture sonar, a multi-beam echo sounder, and a wide variety of other hydro-acoustic instruments for mapping and inspection purposes.  Kongsberg notes: “Teaming long endurance with large area coverage capabilities allows a single AUV to map areas up to 1,100 square kilometers in a single mission – a target impossible until now.” 

It is ideal for defense applications, including military survey, wide area mine detection and “patrolling a choke point listening for submarines.”  HUGIN Endurance can be fitted with a variety of sensors for different applications, including HISAS1032 dual receiver and EM2040 dual receiver for accurate seabed mapping and inspection. HUGIN Endurance supports remote operation through the Kongsberg Kognifai “open ecosystem” digital platform. It has a low carbon footprint and a 2200 km / 1200 nm mission range with a depth rating of 6000 meters. To illustrate scale size, a Kongsberg Maritime Hugin autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is shown at top being deployed from the Royal Norwegian Navy Oksøy-class minehunter KNM Karmøy (M341). Other images illustrate the Hugin Endurance. Story and photos courtesy of Kongsberg.