Hitec Commercial Solutions Announces SG50BL Actuator with CAN/UAVCAN Connectivity

Hitec Commercial Solutions has introduced the powerhouse SG50BL actuator with CAN and UAVCAN connectivity. Designed with robust steel gears and a high-performance brushless motor, the SG50 is capable of operating at a wide voltage range of 18.0 to 32.0 volts. When maximum reliability and durability are required, Hitec’s line of CAN and UAVCAN actuators deliver the highest level of efficiency.

• Programmable Digital Circuit w/MOSFET Amplifier
• High-Performance, Long-Life BLDC Motor
• Magnetic Encoder Position Sensor
• Wide Operating Voltage Range (18.0-32.0V)
• Five Hardened Steel Gears Low Gear Backlash (<0.5°)
• Four Ball Bearing Supported Output Shaft
• Nine Needle Bearing Supported Idlers
• Rugged Anodized Aluminum Alloy Case
• IP68 Waterproof Rating
• Capable of 360° Proportional Rotation +
• CAN 2.0 A/B or UAVCAN Control Options Available
• TE Connectivity : T4131012051-000
• Customization and Modification Options Available
• Custom Connector Options Available

SG50BL-CAN | UAVCAN Specifications
Stock # 34050C/34050UC | Contact sales[at]hiteccs[dot]com for pricing and availability 

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