2020 Full-Scale Humanoid Robot Roundup!

Agility Robotics, Agility announced Digit in February 2019, its latest humanoid, which is "designed for mobile manipulation and sensing in human environments." It can operate outdoors, includes integrated sensing, computing and has 2 4-DoF arms.

Agility also produces the Cassie Full-Scale Humanoid, a bipedal humanoid robot, and is working with Ford on doorstep deliveries; Cassie uses a spring-mass design for bipedal walking efficiency. Agility Robotic’s legged locomotion expertise is built on years of academic research, including the bipedal robot ATRIAS that was developed at the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory at Oregon State University. Agility Robotics has often talked about last-mile delivery as a potential application for Cassie. http://www.agilityrobotics.com/

AIST, AIST produces the HRP-2 Full-scale Humanoid; AIST has collaborated with several private-sector companies, including Kawada Industries Inc. and Honda Motor Co. https://phys.org/news/2018-11-humanoid-robot-prototype-hrp-5p-capable.html

AIST also created the female humanoid HRP-4C, nicknamed Miim.  "She can move like a human, utilizing 30 body motors and another eight dedicated to facial expressions. Miim can also respond to speech using speech recognition software, and is capable of recognizing ambient sounds," Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HRP-4C

AMY Robotics, AMY-M1B Chinese Financial Service Robot & healthcare assistant, also receptionist. http://www.amyrobotics.com/indexen

Android Technics, Space exploration humanoid “Fedor”, also famous for gun-play videos, eventually discontinued. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FEDOR_(robot)

Boston Dynamics, Atlas, designed for DARPA Challenge. Also makes research robots and Spot the robot dog. https://www.bostondynamics.com/atlas

Eden Robotics, Humanoid Android robots (receptionists, personal robots, industrial, research); based in Las Vegas. http://www.edenrobotics.com/

Flower Robotics, Japanese consumer home and humanoid robots , http://www.flower-robotics.com/index.html

GITAI, Japanese startup GITAI G1 space station Full-Scale humanoid general-purpose assistant robot; for external and internal ISS work and lunar base development. https://gitai.tech/en/

Halodi Robotics, EVEr3 full-scale Humanoid. https://robohub.org/halodi-robotics-ever3-a-full-size-humanoid-robot/

Hanson Robotics, Maker of Sophia robot that attempts verbal interaction, adding freeform language synthesis to humanoid technology development. https://www.hansonrobotics.com/

Honda, Creator of the world-renowned Asimo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASIMO; https://asimo.honda.com/

INF Robotics, Full-scale simplified humanoid robot on rollers for elder and health care applications. https://infrobotics.com/

KOMPAÏ Robotics, Full-Scale simplified humanoid robot on rollers for elder & health care. https://kompairobotics.com/

Kumotek Robotics, Cutting edge interactive robot platforms with advanced artificial intelligence. http://kumotek.com/

Movia Robotics, Humanoid robots for teaching children and adults with learning problems. https://moviarobotics.com/

NASA/JPL, Robonaut 2 Full-Scale Humanoid for space exploration and maintenance tasks. https://robonaut.jsc.nasa.gov/R2/

Rethink Robotics, Sawyer BLACK Edition full scale humanoid cobot on a portable base has 2 arms with 7 DoF, operates quieter than earlier versions, and uses the Cognex Vision System with longer lasting hardware. https://www.rethinkrobotics.com/

Robotis, THORMANG3 Full-Scale Humanoid, and the firm produces high-end full-scale research humanoids for research labs. THORMANG3 is actuated by Robotis high-end intelligent Dynamixel servos; ROBOTIS desktop OP3 humanoid is a leading educational product. www.robotis.com

SANbot (Qihan Technology), Chinese humanoid robots for hospitality, retail, home, and public service environments. http://en.sanbot.com/index

Siasun Robotics, Chinese mobile warehouse and service robots. http://www.siasun.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=initsa

SoftBank Robotics, Maker of Pepper full-scale humanoid robot, a service and customer service humanoid. https://www.softbankrobotics.com/emea/en/pepper

UBTECH Robotics, Produces the Chinese humanoid robot named Walker, as well as service robots for “enterprises”, and is a consumer toy robot company. https://www.ubtrobot.com/?ls=en

VTRAC Robotics, Canadian humanoid and other mobile service robots. https://www.vtracrobotics.com/

Westinghouse, Created the historical Elektro humanoid, with a 700-word vocabulary, shown at the 1939 World’s fair (with Sparko the dog) now, of course, museum pieces. http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/5e66b3e8-d12f-d471-e040-e00a180654d7; https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-history/dawn-of-electronics/elektro-the-motoman-had-the-biggest-brain-at-the-1939-worlds-fair

Willow Garage, PR2 Research Mobile semi-humanoid with complex vision, arms and customizable end effectors/grippers. www.willowgarage.com

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