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This lightweight, low-power ultrasound sensor can be easily mounted to your robot, and it is unaffected by reflectance or opacity of objects in its field of view of up to 160° x 160°. Sophisticated algorithms coupled with carefully selected hardware components enables mapping of the TS3’s immediate environment in real-time.

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At Robot Captain Crabs Cajun Seafood & Bar restaurant in Delaware, a tireless waiter named Sheldon, left, delivers food as fellow cyber employee Shirley meets and greets patrons. These new $20,000 Chinese robots greet customers and serve food, replacing the professional roles of humans. Will this become ubiquitous, threatening untold human jobs?

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When hostile autonomous or remote-controlled drones probe the perimeters of forward U.S. bases, counter-UAS (C-UAS) defensive weapons are employed to neutralize these threats. Among the technologies deployed is a C-UAS laser developed by Raytheon that is mounted on a military dune buggy.

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Cobalt Robotics makes autonomous security robots. Cobalt just closed a $35 million Series B, providing funds from investors that are slated to expand Cobalt services across the U.S. Cobalt security robots roam facilities monitoring large spaces with five dozen sensors including RGB, IR, video, thermal, ultrasound and lidar.

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A new Raspberry Pi has been announced that is priced from $35. It is a micro-size, dual-display desktop computer on a small board. The hackable device has been quite popular with hobbyists, educators and students for years. One can drop the new Raspberry Pi into old projects for an upgrade. Three RAM versions are available. Software is backwards-compatible, so what one creates on a Raspberry Pi 4 will also work on older models.

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