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Singapore’s small airspace and concentrated population make an air traffic control (ATC) system for drones highly desirable to ensure safety and effective use of drone technology.  Singapore’s respected Nanyang Technological University, an institution renowned for its expertise in autonomous vehicles and robotics, is at the center of the ATC project.

NTU Professor Low Kin Huat (left) and Air Traffic Management Research Institute’s Deputy Director Mr Mohamed Faisal Bin Mohamed Salleh discussing an NTU-developed air traffic simulation, which takes into account various solutions to enable safe and efficient drone travel in Singapore. Credit: NTU Singapore

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Of the half dozen or so top robotics sites in the English language, in terms of frequency of updates and value of the information, it is our considered opinion that Frank Tobe's TheRobotReport.com (TRR) is very near the top. From time to time we post an outline of the most recent news posted at TRR owing to the value of Frank's insightful reporting. From the impact of robotics on jobs and the latest in collaborative robotics to the future of automated farming (and more!), check out today's posting at TRR by clicking here:

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A new study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) poses the question, and then suggest policymakers are not sufficiently attending to the important questions that arise in a projected future in which automation replaces human workers at a growing pace.

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Aroura Flight Sciences Centaur optionally piloted aircraft is proving to be a key tool in the new airborne gravity survey campaign for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Under the current survey, Aurora is collecting gravity data in a region of North Carolina to fulfill NOAA’s GRAV-D program needs and to fill gaps in the existing data sets used to define the U.S. vertical datum, the company says. Through the GRAV-D program, Centaur’s data is helping increase the accuracy of elevation measurements to determine where water will flow – which is instrumental for scientists, urban planners, agriculture and construction industries, and flood control managers, according to Aurora.

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UAS applications are proliferating across many industries and markets, nationally and globally. Differences in approaches to implementation of UAS and in the regulation of drones are likely because the UAS business is racing forward with indepedent decisions being made on a local level.  Municipal governing bodies answer to their local constituencies and need to empower local authorities (police) to ensure safe UAS use. Whether state laws or federal regulation might eventually preempt this patchwork quilt of local municipal regulation is an open question.

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