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For decades, inspections of newly assembled aircraft have been conducted by humans in an exacting, carefully choreographed procedure that ensures attainment of the highest safety standards in products rolling off the assembly lines. On-site flying robots that inspect airframes during assembly are at the heart of a recent leap forward in applied aerospace technology.

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As reported by Wired.com, on July 22, 2016, Facebook chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, in the company of friends, family and colleagues, watched the first successful flight of his amazing giant flying wing – the Aquila (“eagle” in Latin). This enormous machine, with a wingspan exceeding that of a Boeing 737 jetliner, will eventually broadcast the internet to tens of millions of people.

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In early May, 2016, at the AUVSI Xponential Conference in New Orleans, Thomas Atwood, executive director of the National Robotics Education Foundation (NREF), presented a thoughtful review of robotics technologies in our society -- past, present and future. In his presentation, reproduced here, a PowerPoint overview includes historical robots, contemporary examples and provocative speculation on the future of robotics and the challenges of living with advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

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The TESLA Technology Think Tank is dedicated to making rapidly emerging technology productive and safe for mankind. It was our pleasure to interview spokesperson Keith Kaplan earlier this spring. Keith is co-founder and CEO of the TESLA Think Tank, and a fiercely enthusiastic advocate of our ever-more technological future. “We are progressing from the industrial revolution to the autonomous age… The circumstances require great action, and as a think tank, we assist in helping public and private entities to navigate this.“ You won’t want to miss Keith’s interesting comments on our technological future.

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As reported by Mishtalk.com, UBER has shown a new security guard robot that will be greeting visitors to the company's inspection lot in Mission Bay, in San Francisco. Interestingly, there are now several companies using and/or working on this category of robot, which will patrol warehouses, greet people at hotels, mind parking lots and the like.

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