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The next stage in UAS development has appeared with this prototype, we think, as it does something never done before: it takes off like a drone and then unfolds its wings and flies as a fixed wing aircraft, with enough lift and size to carry a multispectral camera that can image crops to diagnose growth patterns and health. David Hambling tells the tale.

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There was an unsettling moment in the development of cyberspace in recent decades when it became apparent that most computers are hackable, and so we who post content, either for a living or as a hobby, or in the course of talking with our peers, became accustomed to the fact that we are potentially “on TV” when online. It seems that a next step in arguably invasive cyber-snoopability has now been implemented in China, although for beneficent, good, pro-public safety reasons.

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An initial trial test run ahead of the start of the latest Formula E electric car race in Buenos Aires with two robot cars competing resulted in a crash of one of the racers, and the second used on-board AI to avoid hitting a dog that had strayed onto the track.

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This commercial school, “Unmanned Experts FAA Part 107 Academy,” will be back in  March and offers future UAS operators a comprehensive package of online and classroom Ground School.  This includes hands-on flight training, and guidance to facilitate passing a Part 107 Exam at a local FAA Test Center.

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The Robot Report, at www.therobotreport.com, does a heck of a fine job providing snapshots of the business of robotics, complete with global drill down maps, news updates, information on robotics programs at universities, and tons more. We recommend that you check out today's update at TheRobotReport.com!

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