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Latest Robotics News


These are not traditional rotational servos with gearboxes or linear actuators, but they could replace most traditional actuators in the robots of the future. The LiveDrive offers high torque-to-weight and low inertia, and very low stop times.

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Reuters reported that a 2nd Japanese hotel introduced robot receptionists to meet guests. The dinosaurs are on assignment at the newly-opening Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay in Urayasu, east of Tokyo, Japan. The photo was number 18 of 34 in the Editors choices offered by Reuters.

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The NYTimes takes a comprehensive look at an area apparently largely ignored by politicians and the media, but it is one that will likely deeply impact how we live and earn a gainful living. The article has a significant running sidebar of commentary from thoughtful citizens. Of course, robotics has a central position in these coming changes.

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A drone that described as “both stiff and squishy” has the ability to survive crashes that would leave many similar-size craft inert. JC Torres of Slashgear.com reports that researchers from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, or EPFL, in Switzerland have designed and tested a prototype that was inspired by mother nature.

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Angela Hennessy of the CBC News Network reported that experts are agreeing that millions of Canadian white-collar jobs may be taken over by computers and artificial intelligence (AI) in the next 10 years. One area already heavily automated is mortgage processing. In one institution 40% of humans have been replaced by AI, and it begs the question which other professions are next. The human consequence for the displaced is being left without training for emerging roles in a rapidly changing work environment.

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